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Tips To Secure WooCommerce Website Must Check

Tips To Secure WooCommerce Website One Must Keep In Mind Secure WooCommerce Website: Guys Hope you already know that your e-commerce secure is a vital part of running your online business. If you don’t keep customer data safe or secure during and after the transaction, they’re much less likely...

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Hacking Tips: Few things need to Avoid while you use internet

In the beginning, the Internet was immensely friendly – early users needed tech geeks just to get online, and they had to do so over a wired, dial-up connection. Between those online pioneers’ savvy and the relatively few other Internet users, online behaviour with regard to security was...

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Vivaldi Web Browser New Way to Surf

Vivaldi web browser launched by opera. You spend a lot of time on the web. You deserve a browser that is personal, has the functionality you need and the flexibility you crave. The first stable version of Vivaldi, a new web browser by Vivaldi Technologies, has been released...

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Search giant Google has always been in the forefront of pushing for user experience (UX). In fact, it has included site speed as one of the search engine algorithm signals in 2010. More recently, Google has unfurled its preference for mobile friendliness to encourage websites to fit mobile...

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