WhatsApp Business App APK Now Available For Download

WhatsApp Business App
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WhatsApp Business App :when it was still just rumoured to be coming. Now we have more information on it as it is now in testing after it was officially announced last month.  You will not be able to test out the new app today unless you signed up as a tester when they announced the app last month. You can however register today here to stand a chance to be selected as a tester in the future, no guarantees though. They are testing out a number of features and need feedback from the testers on creating a Business Profile, Chat Migration, Auto Responses and Analytics.

WhatsApp Business App APK Now Available For Download

In explaining how the WhatsApp Business app actually works, the messaging platform illustrates certain instances to make it easy for the users to choose the best option that works the best for them. If a user wants only a business account on WhatsApp: All that the user needs to do is, first register for the WhatsApp for Business app, and then transfer all their business contacts to WhatsApp Business. This option is most sensible if the user doesn’t wish to use WhatsApp for personal conversation and wants it for business purpose.

  • But, what if a user wants to use WhatsApp for both business and personally? Such users, as WhatsApp explains, need to register or use a different phone number for WhatsApp Business. This means that, the user need to download both – WhatsApp Business and the official WhatsApp application on one phone – but both the accounts can’t be registered with the same number.
  • If a user wishes to use separate phones for business and personal purpose, it is an easy and simple process. This is the best option if the user wishes to keep their personal and business conversation completely separate. The process is simple, download WhatsApp Business in one phone, and the official WhatsApp app on the other.

WhatsApp Business APK filtered and now it can be downloaded

If you have an Android device, you can now download the WhatsApp Business APK. And it can be installed on devices with Android mobile operating system, with its new logo and subtle changes in design, but still, cannot be used by the restriction we discussed earlier.

However, if you want to be the first to have this service, it is not a bad idea to download WhatsApp Business and periodically test if you leave the phone number. At the moment, the app returns the following message: ‘The number you entered does not have access to this application. Please check your number and try again.’

As we learned a few days ago, WhatsApp Business will feature new features such as registration with landline numbers, or bots. In addition, it will also have automatic messages to respond when we are absent and will introduce changes to the user profile.

For example, since the launch will be available verified profiles for certain large companies. But for the moment it seems that in this version 0.0.58 are not yet available all the specific and exclusive functions that the signature of Mark Zuckerberg will offer to the companies within WhatsApp Business.

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